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Relationship With God.
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'LIFE Groups' is the name of our small group ministry here at Larger
Than Life and our motto is "Doing Life Together".

Larger Than Life Christian Ministries is committed to becoming a strong
and supportive community of believers through the development of small
groups." This is one of the primary goals of our LIFE Groups Ministry.
We exist
"to form strong and supportive relationships within the
life of our church."

Our second goal is "attracting others." When we 'Do Life Together' we
naturally attract others because people want to belong to something that
is supportive and real, so if you are not currently a part of a Life Group,
we invite you to get involved!

Our LIFE Groups meet in homes and various locations in Douglasville,
Marietta/Kennesaw and surrounding areas.  LIFE Groups are about
spending time together to encourage each other, learning more about
God's Word and having some fun doing it all while living out our faith in
Jesus Christ. It's pretty simple, but when you read the Bible it's what
Jesus did. He spent time with and touched people with the love of God!

For details on when and where LIFE Groups meet, information on group
leader training or hosting a LIFE Group,
CLICK HERE or send us a
message on the 'Contact Us' page.